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At TableDrapeStore.com we support your mission. We help you build your brand in a number of ways. But once you have people at your display or your event, how can we help you? Helping you chose the promotional products that best help continue building your brand is what we do best!

A 2017 report from the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) shows that promotional products are ranked as the #1 most effective form of advertising to prompt action across All Generations! In the 2017 Consumer Study, they found that nine of 10 people who received branded merchandise recalled the branding, eight in 10 recalled the messaging and seven in 10 recalled the call to action.

With this kind of influence its no wonder that you find promotional products being used in all kinds of ways- from brand awareness, employee relations, PR, business gifts, trade show give-a-ways and charitable donation thank you gifts. While promotional products are effective powerhouses, not all products are created equal. When choosing a product for your use, keep these five considerations in mind.

Select a Relevant, Functional Item
Ask yourself is it relevant to your industry and event. With over a million branded products available,  find one that fits the purpose of your event.

Timing & Budget
In the non-profit world, the rule of thumb is to keep the cost of the gift under 5% of the ticket price for the event. After all, you are fundraising for a cause. Be sure to chose an item that will arrive in time.

Keep Your Audience In Mind
Knowing your customer is a fundamental principle in marketing. Be sure to supply items that are in line with the demographics of your audience.

Use Products As A Tool To Gain Further Exposure For Your Brand
As an example, reusable branded bags live on well past your event. They can be seen everywhere from the office to soccer practice. With so many states banning single use plastic bags, grocery totes are much appreciated. It is important to select items useful to your intended audience, and that carry your mission to the largest audience, for the longest time.

Longevity Of The Item
The same PPAI study asked consumers how long they kept their favorite promotional items. 26% said that they help onto those items for over five years!

Marketing budgets for promotional products can be limited. Be sure to take perceived value into account. People determine value in a number of ways including usefulness, design, materials and resemblance to retail items that they see in the store. You have an opportunity to pick an item that has a high perceived value that is still in your price range.

Promotional items are a valuable marketing tool not to be forgotten when you plan your event. We can help you through the five considerations above when choosing your products. When the product is relevant, audience appropriate and sturdy enough to last, it will have a lasting impact on its recipients and help guide them to your intended conclusion.

We at Table Drape Store and POPImpak  want to help you build your brand. We only succeed when you succeed. Let us help you stand out from your competition, no matter what industry you are in. Be a savvy brand manager. Put us on your success team. You’ll be glad  that you did. Give us a call at 877-767-0099 for personal help choosing promotional products for your event or email us a sale@tabledrapestore.com to get started. You will be glad that you did!.