Standing Out in Today’s Small Business Environment

Stand out from the crowd in business

Running through the local papers, ran across these thoughts about being a small business owner in this age of #MegaRetailers.

What are the biggest challenges ahead for independent retailers?

“In business today, to be relevant, you have to be different. You have to be best of class. You have to run your business so you can survive leaner times. You have to embrace inevitable change with speed. Most importantly, you have to treat the people who work for you as family, and you must put your customer’s satisfaction in position one — no matter the cost. Retailers have to be unique — so do airlines, and restaurants, and doctors and professionals and so on. If you’re not different and/or appreciably better, you will be treated as a commodity — that’s a hard way to go. Today, people have access to and demand the best. “

These principals relate not only to a retailer the size of Mr Luskin’s stores. Any business that wants to survive in the current economic environment has to find ways to stand out. Extraordinary customer service, excellence, integrity, and consistent branding that reflects your company name are ways to stand out!

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