Custom Printed Table Drapes Are The Foundation of Every Display

We know you think this is just because we sell Custom Printed #TableDrapes…


But with only seconds to get event attendees to stop and visit your display, you need to have your message where they can see it. That’s where a custom table drape comes in. It is the foundation of your display! Without this simple event asset attendees may never see your message, or worse yet, assume that you represent a less than professional organization. A table drape is the #1 item you need to anchor your display.the table drape store, event assets, branding, be visible, promote your organization, professional printed event supplies

Take a look around at your next trade event, notice the difference between a custom printed table drape, and a wrinkled or plain tablecloth with no branding, or a pinned banner on the front. You know there is a difference. A custom printed TableDrape from the Table Drape Store will give you  a professional look at a very low price. Choose from the classic Front Panel Print or the All Over Print for maximum branding opportunities. Us the Spandex form fit for outdoor events. With 63 colors of fabric and unlimited color choices with an All Over Print, we have you covered.

Whether drape style, fitted, or open back we give you plenty of choices for how you want your table to look.

Have a tight deadline for your next event? You can trust us to meet it! Our front panel prints ship one business day after proof approval. All over prints ship in three business days after proof approval.

Trade Tip: Your table drapes will last longer and work harder for you with a little bit of simple care. Make sure to fold your table drape after each use to keep it wrinkle free. When needed, machine wash on gentle and tumble dry- Do Not Dry Clean!

Boy Scouts, Table Drape

Even the Boy Scouts can order their own Table Drape using our website

Take advantage of our free art help- two out of three customers do. Make us part of your event success team. Give us a call for personal help at 877-767-0099 or visit us on line at        printing, table drapes, banner stands, event tools, affordable printed event assets

Can We Improve Your Image?

table drapes. afordable banner stand, affordable table drapes, great quality event assets, printed table drapes

Can we improve your image? Of course, we can. We have so many products that will make you look great, no matter what your event is.

Are you preparing for a mid-year graduation, a holiday assembly or do you just want to be ready for the upcoming trade show season?

Can we do it on your budget? Absolutely! All of our great looking products are priced for everyday value. No need to wait for a sale. All year long its like every day is Black Friday! We can meet your budget constraints and help you put your great looking, functional and cost-effective exhibit together one piece at a time, if that’s what you need. Just like building a wardrobe; our products are long lasting, so you are building for the long term.

But great pricing is just a start to improving your image. We offer Free Art help to add to the value of your purchase. Using your content about what makes you unique, we will help you display the exact message or image your organization wants your special audience to see.

Did you know that 88% of people believe that they understand and retain items in print better in print than those presented electronically?

Let us help you make sure that your message looks good and is easy to read. Our print quality is excellent- viewers will easily be able to read and then retain your message.

There is a cost to every event you participate in. Whether its an in-house elementary school assembly or your biggest trade show of the year. There are costs in time, effort and fees. Be sure that your display materials have your messaging up to date and looking great. Don’t miss the chance to improve your brand image and be noticed in a “good way” at every event

Put our products to work for you. We take away the worry- with great pricing, fast production and the worry relief that what you receive will be top quality! We have a passion for perfection that will make you stand out, no matter where you display.

Make us part of your Event Success Team. Contact us now at 877-767-0099 from 7:30am to 7:30pm (EST) or order on-line at our new, easier to use web site. If all Lines are busy, please leave a message and you will receive a prompt call back.

printing, table drapes, banner stands, event tools, affordable printed event assets

Do You Look Your Best When Your Audience Is Looking At You?

Bold statement, but true. When we make our customer’s images dazzle, they become our customers for life. Virtually every customer we have places repeat orders with us.

Is it the great customer service?

Perhaps its the free art help.

Maybe its the fast production times or consistent, low pricing.

It is all of those things but what we hear the most is how much our customers like how we make them look. Everybody wants to look good in front of their special audience. We take pride in making that happen for our customers. Because we do, our customers come back time after time for affordable promotional products from the TableDrape Store.

They come for display products and signage. Some need stickers, decals and other graphics for retail needs.Others have us create promotional items to give away (or sell). Contest Wheel, Spinner, Custom Printed Spinner

Browse through our brand new, easier to use web site and see how we can help you look your best when your audience is looking at you. Sign up for our social media posts at the bottom of this email. Or read our blog for tips and trends. Pass us along to your colleagues- they will appreciate it as much as we do.

How to Order from the Table Drape Store

Boy Scouts, Table Drape

Even the Boy Scouts can order thieir own Table Drape using our website

How to Order; Our Process Works

Most of our orders are received on line. But the first thing that we explain to any prospective customer who is nervous about placing an online order is to call us. We are happy to help our customers by speaking with them on the phone. In most cases, all of your questions can be answered in one telephone call.

Placing your order on line is easy. You can do it at your convenience, 24/7/365. We have disconnected placing your order from sending us your art. This way people can place the order while the art is being finished. Art can be sent in advance for usability review. Many times it’s a different person sending the art. We believe that this is easier for our customers.
If you aren’t sure of the fabric color from the online swatch chart, ask us for free fabric swatches. Then you can see how the actual fabric will look and feel before you make your purchase.
Poor quality art is the biggest impediment to a speedy and stress free conclusion to your order. We would like to receive art that is 150 DPI at 100% of the final size. Clicking on the Art Requirements tab at the top of our web site will help you. You can see what files types we need to receive. Downloadable product templates are there to make your art layout easy. If you need us to do your art for you, we can do that. Good quality art is crucial to the success of any project!
Once we have good art for your project, you will receive a pdf proof for your final review and approval, usually the next business day. You can still make corrections at this stage. After your proof is approved, your project is manufactured and shipped to you to arrive by the date you have requested.
We place a great deal of importance in shipping on time. But we won’t sacrifice quality to meet a deadline. If our 114 year history has taught us anything, it is that “Quality is Key”. Shipping on time is a close second. But nobody wants to receive a bad product on time.

Standing Out in Today’s Small Business Environment

Stand out from the crowd in business

Running through the local papers, ran across these thoughts about being a small business owner in this age of #MegaRetailers.

What are the biggest challenges ahead for independent retailers?

“In business today, to be relevant, you have to be different. You have to be best of class. You have to run your business so you can survive leaner times. You have to embrace inevitable change with speed. Most importantly, you have to treat the people who work for you as family, and you must put your customer’s satisfaction in position one — no matter the cost. Retailers have to be unique — so do airlines, and restaurants, and doctors and professionals and so on. If you’re not different and/or appreciably better, you will be treated as a commodity — that’s a hard way to go. Today, people have access to and demand the best. “

These principals relate not only to a retailer the size of Mr Luskin’s stores. Any business that wants to survive in the current economic environment has to find ways to stand out. Extraordinary customer service, excellence, integrity, and consistent branding that reflects your company name are ways to stand out!

The Table Drape Store can help you with cost effective tools to send these messages to your public. Stand out as a voice of small business in America, stand out as an effective charitable, or educational organization.

Custom Printing Solutions The New Technologies

Printing Technology from Old to 
When most people think of printing, they think of ink on paper. For hundreds of years, that was accurate.
Johannes Gutenberg developed moveable type around 1439. He fueled the Renaissance and the trajectory towards the knowledge based economy that we have today.
Yet Custom printing technologies have changed more in the last 40 years than the entire 535 years prior since Gutenberg’s invention. Nowhere is it more evident than in the custom print solutions that we can now create for marketers of all types.
PopImpak produces very little on conventional papers. 95% of what we create is on what is called Alternate Substrates. A substrate is the product that the ink is printed on. Most people think that it is paper. Not so. We print on fabrics for table drapes, podium drapes, feather flags, tents and chairs. We print on many types of plastics for shelf talkers and flags, window and floor graphics and much more.
Synthetic paper is another category of alternate substrate. It holds a necessary spot in print. Synthetic papers have a tough, wipe-able surface. You can use it out in the weather or even underwater.We have printed full color shop manuals on synthetic paper. If they get greasy, you just wipe them off and they are like new again. Instead of throwing them away and reprinting.Dirt, grease, sun, wind and moisture will ruin most papers. Synthetic paper is tough enough to withstand them all.
Synthetic paper has the lasting durability and moisture resistance of film lamination without requiring the time and cost of post print processing and the added bulk of the film laminate. You can shorten your production schedule, lower your costs and do more things with synthetic paper without sacrificing the benefits of film lamination.
Synthetic papers are tear resistant. When your printed piece is in constant use in a high stress environment, it is subject to tear. Menus, loose leaf manuals, Border Patrol Agent checklists are some examples where synthetic papers add significant longevity to the life of the printed piece because they don’t rip. Looking fresh longer is an added benefit.
Today’s run lengths tend to be shorter and more customized. That has fueled the tremendous expansion of digital print technologies. Synthetic papers (and plastic and fabrics) are perfectly suited for use with digital printing. Maps, menus, hand tags, tickets, membership cards are all great applications for synthetic papers.

Let us help you with your next special requirements project.