Can You Wear Your Masks At Walt Disney World

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We have held off promoting masks until we found one that we are comfortable promoting to our client base. Now we have. And we’re so glad that Walt Disney World agrees. In an article yesterday Walt Disney World has outlined a new policy on the types of masks it will allow in their parks going forward.

No masks with valves or holes, no neck gaiters, open chin triangle bandannas, mesh materials, or holes of any kind will be allowed in their parks. Masks must have at least two layers of material, completely cover the nose and mouth and have ear loops to allow the wearer to be hands free. In other words, our mask!

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Since your staff will be wearing these for long periods of time, they need to be breathable, comfortable and reduce the likelihood that the wearer either transmits the virus or gets the virus.

These masks are not medical grade (recommended only for healthcare workers). The CDC recommends a natural fiber mask for a reason. These are much better than synthetic fibers at filtering out the moisture droplets that carry COVID-19. Synthetic yarns, like polyester, are smooth and let the droplets slide by. Fabrics like cotton have lots of fuzzy edges that grab the virus. Multiple layers increases the probability that droplets are filtered out.

These masks have a layer of natural cotton which does a great job of removing the droplets expelled during breathing that may carry the virus and a layer of polyester for more filtering and print-ability. They are washable and reusable- they should last well in to 2021, even with washing after daily use.

The dye sublimation method we are using for printing does not impact breath-ability like screen printing or embroidery would. It only dyes the fabric, not the spaces in between. We believe that these masks are the best solution for your staff. Pricing is very cost effective:

100 @ $5.09 each
250 @ $4.89 each
500 @ $4.69 each
$60.00 set up fee

Using a branded mask lets everybody know that the person wearing it has an organization approved mask that is safe. We also have mask hooks that prevent ear chafing and helps people who need larger or smaller lengths on the ear hooks for the mask to fit comfortably.

We’re here to help you implement all the safety precautions necessary. Ask us about with freestanding hand sanitizer stations, social distancing floor graphics, and other safety requirements that the state may impose.

Please let us know any other great ideas of how else we can help.