Amazing Oreo Fudge

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While some of us are tentatively venturing back to work, many are still on lock down for the foreseeable future. We wanted to share another of our favorite recipes to get creative with. This fudge is so easy to make, no thermometer required, and everyone will LOVE it! Click Here for a printable version. (photo credit: )

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Tips for Making Oreo Cookie Fudge
If looking for a good white chocolate morsel, we recommend Guittard vanilla milk chips. There are no waxes in them and tend to melt better.
Definitely use a non-stick pan or pan lined with parchment when making this recipe.
You can cut your Oreo Fudge into 16 or 36-squares depending on how big you want your pieces.
Interesting Fact:  White chocolate is not real chocolate because it doesn’t contain cocoa powder. White chocolate is made from cocoa butter, milk fats and solids, sugar, milk fat, and lecithin holds it together.