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It is our goal on every order to produce and ship a product that you will be proud to display. But your finished product can only look as good as the art files that we receive from you. Please follow the guidelines below to maximize the quality of your finished product.

File Formats Accepted:

Please provide your files in one of the following formats
Adobe Illustrator CS4
Adobe Photoshop CS4
Adobe In-Design CS4
A Hi Resolution PDF

Please include:
All Source Images
Include or Outline fonts or Vector files
For art that bleeds off the edge, allow 1/8” of bleed on each side that bleeds

Files must be at least 150DPI at 100% of the final image size on the actual product and converted to CMYK. A higher DPI count will improve the quality of the final printed image.
Example: A 2” x 2” image that is 300dpi will be 30dpi when enlarged to 20” x 20” and unacceptable for printing!

Don’t have art, or access to a Graphic Artist?

We can create art for your project for you. Our art charges are $75 per hour. A simple table drape will generally take about 30 minutes to create. If it will be more than that we will give you a quote before proceeding.

Fax a pencil sketch of what you want to us at 410-295-0079 or email it to art@tabledrapestore.com. Please include as much information as you can - colors and lettering sizes, final size preferred on your project. If you want text only, just type the copy you want into an email. If you want a graphic, you can email us that as well or a fax a sketch of what you need. If you have questions, please call us at 877-POP-0099 for help

Size & Colors

We will match your files or sketch as closely as possible for color. If you wish to match a PMS color, please include that information when sending your art. We are printing CMYK, so we can’t guarantee an exact PMS color match. It will be very close. A PDF proof will be supplied for your final approval before production.

You may request a specific size for your graphic. If no size is requested, we will maximize and center the image on the product. The graphic size will show on the proof.

PMS Color Chart

In order to help you choose your colors, please use the on-line PMS color chart link below. Computer monitors all differ in how they show color, so please note that what you see may not be an exact match to your color choice. Older PMS books fade and the Pantone Corporation occasionally adjusts individual color formulas so if you need a critical color match, please be sure to let us know when you place your order so that we can proof your art on paper rather than as a PDF. This can add time to the delivery of your project. For most projects a digital proof will be adequate.

PMS Color Chart

Check Your Art for DPI and Save Time

What is DPI (Dots per Inch) and why do we care? In order to print a high quality product, we need a minimum number of dots per inch to make your art look good. For our larger products like table drapes and feather banners, we need a minimum of 150 dpi to make the product look good. 300 dpi makes your project look better.

The problem can come from your source image. Many of the images that you want to use were created to be printed at much smaller size. When these small images are blown up to the size needed, there are so few pixels that you can actually see the space between them. This is called a “Pixelated” image. It looks fuzzy when you use it. Click on the image calculator below to check how big your source image can be printed.

If you don’t know the number of pixels in your image, right click on it. At the bottom of the pop up box, click on Properties. In the new pop up box, click on the Summaries tab at the top. This will give you the pixel count for the width and height of your image. If the box is blank, click on the advanced tab at the bottom and the information will appear.

Type the pixel numbers in the appropriate blank in the calculator. Pick the dpi resolution from the drop down box. Below will appear how large your image can be printed at that resolution. If the size that appears is not large enough for your product, you need a higher resolution image for your art. Doing this will save you time on your project because you will have the correct art when you start. If you don’t understand, please call us and we will help you with it.

DPI Calculator

Width px X Height px
At this resolution you can print the art: (Please enter a width and height above.)


Below are art templates for our products. Please download the appropriate template for your project and insert your art into it. Please add 1/8"" minimum for bleed edges.

The Feather Banner templates are 1/12th scale so view your final product at 1200%. For all others view at 100%. In most cases, if your art looks good at full size, then it will print good. Don?t hesitate to contact us with your questions.

Downloadable Templates:

More templates are coming soon!

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